Welcome to Gazel’s Book of Souls

Welcome to Gazel’s Book of Souls

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"Is this thing on?" - Gazel by Acid Lake

Hey guys I hope you’re good! Welcome to my first blog post. This is part of a new series which is all about my upcoming album Gazel’s Book of Souls.

As some of you know I’ve been working on this album for around a year now, and now it is NEARLY FINISHED!!! 10 songs done and one to go.

From September I’m starting to release the songs in a nice orderly fashion - a new song periodically with a video, and a character story. So in celebration I thought I’d give you guys an insight into this mammoth project of mine, which I’m hoping will become my life’s work for the future foreseeable.

Gazel’s Book of Souls is an album of my music, but at the same time it’s a fictional record of Gazel's encounters with the various characters that reside within the collective unconscious. The idea (from Carl Jung) is that deep in our minds there dwell a number of psychological structures that influence us, advise us, and motivate us in our waking lives. You can think of them as “parts” of your subconscious mind - I’ve called them Souls.

All Souls inhabit all minds, but certain Souls are closer to the surface than others in each of us, and that’s how we end up with our particular personalities. For example, if the Mother is the Soul closest to the surface for you, then you may dream of becoming a mum from an absurdly young age, and have a strong desire to work with children. On the other hand, if the Clown is your loudest Soul in residence, you might have a strong desire to crack jokes at inappropriate times, and take it upon yourself to disrupt classrooms, church congregations, and generally shake up any setting where people are being too serious.

In my story, Gazel is a teenage girl that lives in an abandoned village in the desert with her butler (yes… her butler). A series of oddly synchronised events lead her to discover the existence of a Book of Souls, a compendium of all human memories and dreams past and present. Gazel decides to go looking for the Book of Souls, in the hope that it will give her the clues she needs to understand her family history, and how she came to be living alone in the village with not a friend in the world (except her butler). Her travels lead her to discover a vanished land between two rivers, un-plottable and normally unseen and inaccessible to human beings. There Gazel discovers the Souls.

Each song on my upcoming album is sung from the perspective of a different Soul. Gazel sings a couple herself, and on occasion the whole cast bursts into creepy and dramatic song. My dream is to eventually turn it into a musical.

To find out exactly who the Souls are - stay tuned! Soon I’ll introduce each of Gazel's seven Souls, and in the run up to each song release, you’ll get an illustration of each character by Acid Lake, exclusive interview with each character, fact file, and a clip of the song they sing.

And this concludes my first post!! Hopefully you know a bit more now about GBOS and what to expect. For now if you want to dive straight in, check out the title track Book of Souls on Youtube below.

OK guys, thanks so much for reading, love to you all and until next time -


Surely there’s a record

Of all I say and do

And in this book is written something

Permanent and true I said

Come out! I know you’re in there

She said “dear you’ve not a clue -

There is no Book of Souls

And there is nobody here but you

Are you hearing this?”